The Future of Social Media

I stumbled upon this video by a group called FW: Thinking. I think this video brings up a lot of interesting questions and comments about social media.
They argue that although people are now relying more and more on social media, these social interactions may not be inherently different than they used to be. He brings up questions like “What is considered a real social interaction?” Just because you’re not physically with the person you are interacting with, does that make your interaction any less real? What about back in the day when people used to write each other letters, was that considered a real social interaction? Perhaps, social media is just the next stage of social interactions.

He also makes a point of saying why do we even call it “social media” anymore, isn’t this just “social life”? The lines between social “media” and social “life are becoming even more blurred.

I think this video gives a cool and different perspective on how social media is changing our social interactions (or not changing our social interactions).

If you enjoyed this video you could check out their YouTube channel which has a bunch of other interesting videos that related to our class discussions (and great material for more blog posts ☺ ):


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