The Myth of the Original Idea

With the advent of the internet, social media, and advancement of text messaging, information spreads at speeds faster than light itself.  We are constantly viewing ideas of others, and whether or not we spend a large part of our conscious interpreting what we read,  I do believe that once we read something it becomes part of us. Not to be overly philosophical or anything, but all we are is our experiences. With that being said, I want to address something that has been bugging me; is any idea original anymore, or has it ever been? Seeing this endless disarray of information that we don’t take completely serious has to slip through our cracks when we are trying to be original. I was watching a reputable astronomy show on Fox or Discovery Channel or some prestigious site and they were talking about Titan, a moon of Saturn, having an atmosphere that we could live on, and taking asteroids of metal and turning them into spaceships. These ideas sound cutting edge, ground breaking, and even unimaginably creative, to the untrained ear/eye. I just so happened to watch this program after reading a book by a beloved author to me, Kurt Vonnegut, and the book was The Sirens of Titan. In this book, he mentions metal spaceships launching us through the solar system and living on different planets, with the end goal being Titan, the moon of Saturn. This blatant stealing of an idea and trying to pose it as their own on a show is not a noble way to spread a  message. I love stand up comedy, and when I watch someone steal a joke from a great comedian, it pains me immeasurably. Rap music, a music form I listen to frequently, has become nothing more than a sample machine of previous music with trite additions of drum kits and synths. So yeah, it takes some talent to be a producer and having an ear for good sounds, but when it is nothing more than just chopping up the work of another, it seems kind of lazy and unoriginal.

Is anyone putting out information that is original anymore? Even Nicholas Carr’s argument that new technology is dumbing us down has been done to death; in ancient Greece they were saying that reading and writing were harming society (don’t quote me on that, I rarely fact check.) Even if i try as hard as I can to create an original book, which I am going to, I assure you that many of the ideas I am going to use are reiterations of something I’ve already seen and unknowingly posted as my own original creation. In the mean time, I am sorry but we must all endure the trite world we live in that is getting ever more stale with the world of technological advancement and ever increasing interconnectivity.

I am also pretty sure that the idea that no idea is not an original idea is not an original idea.


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