Emojis.. the best thing that is available mostly for iPhones, but can be accessed on other phones as well. To anyone that has emojis, how much do you love them? Honestly, without them I feel like my conversations wouldn’t be the same with my friends. I hate when I’m talking to someone with texting because then I can’t send them emojis haha. Emojis have become so popular and you can have a full conversation someone with just emojis.


 I probably use an emoji in a majority of my iMessages because I feel like the conversation isn’t right without them. On my recent/most used emojis, I have mostly smilies like the crying laughing face, the heart eyes, a smiley and hearts.. I have some weird ones, but they change pretty often. I found this article on the most used emojis and how many people use them. Its interesting to compare the ones you use the most so check it out! Emoji Poll


7 comments on “Emojis

  1. What I love about emojis is that they can make it easier to convey your message. Sometimes its hard to catch sarcasm or the emotion that you’re trying to get across through text and these emojis help with that. And they’re also just really fun to use

  2. I think Emojis are fun and adorable – sometimes without one I feel like sometimes I might mistake the tone of the sentence. I also feel like they kind of bring some life to what you’re typing – sometimes phrases and text can just not be enough, or could be a little dead.

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