Good or Bad?

Social Networks have become something we look at and use every day. Whether you have an Apple, Windows, Samsung, or any type of smartphone, getting in contact with social networks is available. Apps or on browser, social networks such as Facebook or Twitter are easy and fast to use. We have gotten so in depth with social networks, it has affected our lives in many different ways. I think it affects our lives the most when it comes to the way we interact with others and our relationships.



  • meet new people
  • create friendships/relationships
  • a place to speak your mind/thoughts/feelings
  • quick contact with someone


  • Less face-to-face contact
  • cyber-bullying
  • invasion of privacy
  • consumes time that can be used conversing

I personally love social networks. but feel that it has a negative affect on relationships. Whether it is friendships or a significant other, drama arises and problems happen on social networks. I feel that social networking has ruined relationships. What happened to meeting people at parties, in class, at the store or through a friend; now its all about dating websites and Facebook. I guess there is both good and bad to having social networks, but do you think it has more of a positive affect or a negative affect?


Good or Bad?

For girls:




2 comments on “Good or Bad?

  1. I think social media is bad for relationships, but other than that I think its a great tool for making connections. For example, I think its really lame when your boyfriend goes through your messages or starts an argument based on some other dude ‘liking’ your picture (obviously most people are not like this, but there are a few.) I really liked how you broke down the information by doing a pros and cons list, it really made it easier to read.

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