I forgot my phone

A friend of mine shared this video on Facebook recently, which helped me to figure out what I want to do for my video project. This video basically shows a day in the life of people and how much their cell phones take them away from actually “living.” What I mean by this is that while people should be paying attention to what is going on around them, appreciating the little things and the moments that they should, they don’t. Instead, they do these things while glued to their phones, which completely takes away from the experience. Although cell phones help to connect us to people, and everything going on around the world, it also helps us to disconnect from people and things that actually matter in life.

The little things that we will one day look back on, and think about as good memories, are being compromised by the constant use of our phones.  We can’t go to a restaurant without taking a picture of the meal, or updating our status saying where we are. We can’t go to a party without being on the phone texting friends who aren’t there or taking pictures of everything going on around us. We can’t go on a hike without taking our phones, when we should just enjoy the beautiful views, and take in the moment . Even most intimate moments are being compromised by cell phones, as the video shows, when laying in bed next to your loved one and you’re still on your phone looking at whatever it is that the internet has to offer at the moment. It’s like we can’t do anything without having our phones be a part of it. It is like our cell phones have become a part of everything we do, regardless of how important what we are doing is.


3 comments on “I forgot my phone

  1. I really like this video. Although the video is clearly trying to make a point, everything in the video is completely realistic and what we would consider normal. Like you said, It really makes you think about how often we are sitting glued to our phones rather than enjoying life.

  2. This video really captures how the world around us behaves. It may seem a bit exaggerated but part of it is actually true. It makes you think about how different relationships are now compared to back then.

  3. This video is literally perfect and might be something I use in my video project, because my topic is how smartphones ruin relationships. In this video I see little no interaction with people, and less time enjoying the world around them – they’re glued to a virtual world rather than what is genuine

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