Internet and Relationships

I was looking around for an interesting article to post and came across this one

When  I first started reading this I thought it was a pretty good article and made very valid points. It talked about how the internet is every where we go, how we always have it with us, and that it can be considered a blessing and a curse. In other words, the internet is great to have but it can also have negative impacts on our relationships and how we view the world. This all seemed pretty accurate and interesting until I got to the middle, and main point of the article.

“Now people are trying to point fingers at what is destroying our relationships and right now the finger is being pointed at porn, especially the kind that is found on the internet. We have made the jump from internet addiction to internet porn addiction.”

I think this is extreme. I disagree with this article and I really don’t think that porn is ruining that many relationships. I think if anything Facebook and twitter and instagram have the possibility to ruin a relationship.



One comment on “Internet and Relationships

  1. I think a relationship does not necessarily get ruined by porn but gets extremely complicated. Guys and girls do not watch porn just for fun. There is definitely more to it than that. They watch porn to compare. Girls and guys both all have some form of a complex that they do not want their significant other to know about, and by watching porn, that flaw is feared to be uncovered. It may not be enough to end a relationship but definitely might be enough to complicate things that may lead to them watching what they say when complimenting one and another.

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