In this week’s reading, “The Church of Google”, Larry Page wants to create an Artificial Intelligence that will be ultimate version of Google.  Some agree this is a good idea while others are against the idea of an A.I. thinking like a human.  The A.I advocates are trying to make a physical computer brain that is a replica of a human brain.  “They are trying to duplicate, in the circuitry of a computer, the electrical signals that buzz among the brain’s billions of neurons, in the belief the intelligence will emerge from the machine as the mind emerges from the physical brain.” (Carr 175)

I posted a trailer of the movie Transcendence which is about a scientist (Johnny Depp) who creates an advance A.I. but when things turn for the worst his wife puts his conscious into the A.I.  Now the A.I. is believed to be Johnny Depp’s character but it seems it has suspicious motives it is not telling anyone.  I found this relevant to the reading because if we Google had an A.I. like this then would it do the same thing if it could thing for itself?


One comment on “Transcendence

  1. That movie definitely looks dope. But as to the whole “making the computer more like a brain” argument, it is actually kind of irrelevant. The computer is actually already built based off the structure of the brain; bits are like working memory, ram is like short term memory, and hard drive is like long term memory, the processor gets slower the more you multi task, it deteriorates in efficiency over time, blah blah blah… I think we should continue in our pursuit to create the perfect computer, because why not?

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