A Good Fiction Story

We are all taking part in a creative writing course, that’s a given, but any great writer knows that the most important aspect of writing is reading (I am not claiming that I am a great writer, nor did I actually ask any writer’s what makes a great writer, so that last statement is completely assumptive.) Notwithstanding any of my disclaimers, I want to take some time to offer a different side of reading that I fear is slowly dying out. It seems like every new book that takes notice is a nonfiction story, and as noble as writing about reality is, we need more absurd fiction to grip our imagination and push our boundaries of what is deemed as within the realm of possible.

I am going to take the time to shout out a fantastic fiction story that I read in middle school, and recently reread because of my huge fondness for it. This book I am referring to is The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster. There is no way I appreciated the wisdom, allusions, and good natured satires of humanity. Social media, the internet, cell phones, these are all fine and dandy, but reading this book sparks the creativity wire in the brain and makes creative/original thought much more natural. The Phantom Tollbooth is one of those amazing stories that make you somewhat sad when you close the book after reading the final page because each page made you think and imagine things so absurd and unconventional it is almost like an escape from reality. The only reason I even want kids now is so that I can read them this story growing up (hopefully it really creates some brilliant young thinkers that make it big in Hollywood and make millions of dollars and buy me really nice stuff.)

I’d love to know of some other great fiction stories you like to read so that I can add them to my book bucket list.


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