Ch.1 Missing Persons

At first glance I was confused as what this chapter would entail considering the title is “missing persons.” But as I read further into it I believe it was titled this because due to technology we as human beings have been engulfed by these products ultimately making us “lost” in the world. I have seen first hand proof of how “impersonal communication has demanded interpersonal interaction.” For example, it is much more common to send a text message to someone as opposed to calling them, when if you think about it calling is twice as fast. Its the mere fear of content and inability to screen your response that leads people to text instead of call. I also think this chapter touches on how we sometimes make the mistake that since we interact with computers so often we associate “human characteristics” and that is why have become so addicted. For some people they have actually taken the place of a “human” in their life, but Lanier fights this assumption with the fact that humans are far more complex and “mysterious”, something computers have just not yet captured. It was interesting to read the part about how politics and technology intertwine, for politics use words to argue their point and technology uses programs and and devices to argue their point. We really do become hooked by the idea of having a small device in our pockets that connects us not only to other people but to a infinite amount of knowledge as well. It will be interesting to see how the world will further evolve into a world of technological advancement.


2 comments on “Ch.1 Missing Persons

  1. Although cell phones make things a lot easier and more convinient, they are basically becoming life. We do everything through them. I barely ever use my cell phone for calls unless I have to call to make an appointment. If I can text, I’d rather do that.

  2. I think that as humans are becoming more and more sophisticated; they are at the same time losing their innate sense of confidence. People used to talk to each other freely without the fear of saying something wrong, and even if something was said insulting or wrong, the strength to fix that mistake was present. Now we, including myself, will erase and retype a text message for the most “optimal” way to send a text message, thus proving how scared we are of saying the wrong thing.

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