Interning at Google

Since Google is the most popular search engine and has been mentioned in our readings, I figured I would write about interning at Google. Google’s internship program has received high acclaim, and is seen as one of the most sought after internships in the world. Students from all over the country apply to be a part of Google. 


Over the summer, The Internship came out, starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson. The pair apply for summer internships at Google after they lose their jobs as salesmen. The comedy depicts the challenging and competitive tasks the prospective interns must complete, such as working the help hotlines, creating apps, and hacking html codes.


The movie really seemed to advertise or market the company. The modern architecture of Google headquarters was eye catching, along with fun slides and sleeping pods incorporated into the floor plan. After seeing this movie, just about everyone wanted to work at Google. 


Google is constantly releasing breakthrough technology, making it an ideal place for younger generations obsessed with the internet and technology to work at. Things you need to apply:


  1. Your current resume in PDF form.
  2. Your transcript (an unofficial one will do fine if you don’t have an official version)
  3. For some positions, we do require a cover letter, short essay, or some additional information, but for others, we don’t. Check the job listing to find out whether anything extra is necessary


You then can apply for jobs that are listed by location and your preferences. Google has two tabs, “Undergraduate Degree” and “Advanced Degree”, which goes to show how selective they are. Here are some pictures from their site. 




As you can tell, for this particular intern position, you need a lot of qualifications to be under consideration. Interning at Google is a great resume filler, almost guaranteeing success in furthering your endeavors. All in all, Google is an awesome place to work at.

By maggiebania

5 comments on “Interning at Google

  1. The Internship was a funny movie and it definitely advertised the company, not only for internships but the headquarters itself. If I was qualified with a degree in Computer Science, I would apply for a job at Google. The sleeping pods in the movie were my favorite.

  2. I was actually able to stream “the internship” onto my computer using google and it was a funny movie. Its amazing how much we as a society use google in our everyday lives so it only make sense that the work place environment is an awesome place. The success of this company I believe strictly correlates to how happy the employee are at work. As an HR major it is common knowledge that happier employee generate greater work. I would totally work for this company!

  3. We really do use Google for absolutely everything and they are a great company to work for! I don’t know how many people are aware of how Gmail came into existence. Google has a policy where a person working full time at that company is allowed about an hour break where they can use all the recreation facilities at Google. They have a “bunker room” where they have bunk beds that a person can go and take a nap in for their hour. During this hour, one of Google’s developers, Paul Buchheit, perfected the Gmail client for internal use. Sooner than later, it became a consumer product.

  4. This is awesome. I did hear that they give their employees all this fun great stuff because of how much work they make them do. I had a teacher in high school that said they even allow workers to bring in pets and children to work and they have people who will look after them so that the employee can get more work done! Pretty crazy.

  5. Though this does sound like an awesome place to be, and though it is very rewarding, it does require extremely hard work because they are so selective about who they admit into their internships. I haven’t seen the movie so I can’t say anything about it, but it does seem like a job that no one would turn down.

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