Our security online

Last class we discussed the NSA and how secure we are online. We discussed whether or not to police the internet and how our credit information was stolen, but what about our online passwords? Some of us use the same password over and over again for everything that requires us to input a password. Some of us decide to use some trickery, and have kept password as our password for everything. 

How safe is our information secured by a password? Obviously not very safe, because people’s passwords’ get hacked all the time. Hackers send emails containing malware to all of a victim’s contact list all the time. People hack into each other Facebook accounts and leave very interesting statuses which are meant to humiliate each other numerous times. According to this article from Reuters, that problem will be a problem of the past. 


Now all of our passwords  at least for Google, for the time being might be encrypted via sound. Do you feel that is truly as safe as it is hyped to be, or will that just be a phase and will get decrypted by some hacker or another? 


By fk125

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