Remember Flappy Bird?



I’m sure you all know how Flappy Bird was a super popular, frustrating game, which was taken off the apple store, and phones were being auctioned for higher-than-normal prices on ebay that were installed with Flappy Bird. I’m also sure that you know there are may other versions of the game, (Flappy Bert, Splashy Fish, Flappy Mipsters, Iron Pants, etc) and I’m also sure you’re tired of hearing about this game. But I’m sure you didn’t know that google play and the itunes app store have started to filter out apps that contain the word “flappy”.

Ken Carpenter, a media producer in Mind Juice Media, said on his Twitter account that his new application, his game called Flappy Dragon, was rejected in being added to the app store because the app’s name “attempts to leverage a popular app.” The itunes store already has tons of clones of Flappy Bird already though, including clones with the name “flappy” in their title but as of February 16, 2014, they are no longer accepting games with the word “flappy” in their app title. He now plans to resubmit his game with the name “Derpy Dragon”.

One ridiculous attempt to ride the coattails of the Flappy Bird phenomenon is “Flappy Bird – Gift of Valentine’s Day and Lover’s Day,” which is not a game and has nothing to do with actual birds or flapping. It’s just a free photo app, trying to advertise itself, trying to make money, expecting people to download it in hopes of returning the game of Flappy Bird to the app store.

Is this a fair or unfair thing to do? Is excluding “flappy” in other game makers’ titles so wrong? 



2 comments on “Remember Flappy Bird?

  1. This delves into the issues of the creative rights to things we create. If the word ‘Flappy’ can be proven to have been popularized and created in the sense we use today by the creator of Flappy Bird, then it could be argued his intellectual property is at risk. However, I don’t think it is very easy to prove such a thing, and I therefore I think the right for individual app developers to name their apps what they wish could prevail. It’s definitely a matter of personal opinion.

  2. I think it’s hilarious how everyone is trying to jump on the Flappy Bird bandwagon. The funniest version of it I saw was of Vladimir Putin at Sochi. I’ve even heard that some people are selling their phones with the app installed on eBay for crazy amounts. To be honest the word “flappy” should at least be copyrighted, for the sake of the developer so he can get royalties from it; otherwise I think its a bit unfair for companies and developers to advertise “flappy” when it is obviously not the same game.

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