Should the government charge the search engine or the people using the search engine?

A country is starting to ask search giants to pay for displaying copyrighted materials. That country is not America, China, Canada, or Russia, it is actually Spain. This is not new news for the people living in Europe. Countries such as, Portugal, France, Belgium and Germany all already have some form of laws or measures put in place for charging the search giants for displaying copyrighted materials. 

Is it right to charge the search giant or would it be more correct to charge the people is my main concern. Should the people that are using giants, such as Google, be fined for using the search engine and downloading illegal music, or should Google be charged for even pulling up these sites that allow the illegal download of music? Comment below! 


By fk125

2 comments on “Should the government charge the search engine or the people using the search engine?

  1. Though it is unfair to fine google for other peoples’ actions, you make a good point: Search giants should not be pulling up these sites in the first place; the fact that the search engine is providing the websites at all is tempting people to do it. It would be more fair to fine the search engine, in my opinion.

  2. Personally, I think Google is a huge billion dollar company, that is not going to be affected severely by paying what probably seems to them as minuscule fines. I don’t think its right that they’re using copyrighted information in the first place, so paying royalty fees seems like the fair thing to do in this situation.

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