Surrogate replacements

Who hasn’t heard or seen the tale of Pinocchio? That tale may be coming to a reality. No, not the part where every time you lie, your nose gets bigger but how Pinocchio was built to fill that need and gap for a son. People are resorting to filling that gap left by a loved one, by replacing them with robots.

There is a website called RobotShop that allows you to pretty much build a robot the way that you want it, and design it for what you need it do. They aren’t that expensive either. Much cheaper than a child, I’d say.


By fk125

One comment on “Surrogate replacements

  1. The idea of this is interesting, but I don’t think it fits to fill the gap of a human being – They lack the physical aspects of a human, and they do not have genuine emotion. This superficiality definitely cannot replace a person, in my opinion, though the idea of this as a whole is unique.

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