Technology & Generations

The Most Important Thing About a Technology Is How It Changes People really got me thinking about how the slightest changes in technology can change people, and showed me how different we are from the generations before us. Within our generations, we have experienced a lot of technological changes. For example, texting. My parents did not have cell phones growing up. They had one land line, and that was it. If you couldn’t reach someone, then you couldn’t reach them and that was that until they answered. When I am trying to contact my mother while she is working, I will call her cell phone. If she doesn’t answer that, then I will call her work phone, and lastly, if I still can’t reach her then I will send her an email. I thought that this section of Lanier’s Chapter 1 really spoke about our generation and how technology has changed all of us. Consider this. The generations before us did everything face to face. There was no social media, no emailing, no online arguments, no texting, etc. I believe that as a generation, they are much more advanced when it comes to being able to hold conversations and be comfortable talking to one another. I believe that people in our generation forget the difference between talking online and talking in person. I think that many people are willing to say a lot more online than they would in person and that shows us how technology can change a person.

Attached I found a short article on the different generations and technology. I found it interesting to read how each generation adapted to technology and how some are still adapting.


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