Technology Replacing People

It was in Chapter 6, “The Lords of the Clouds Renounce Free Will in Order to Become Infinitely Lucky” that we can see how advanced technology really is becoming. Lanier writes, “sometime in the next two decades a vast number of jobs in China and elsewhere will be made obsolete by advances in cheap robotics so quickly that it will be a cruel shock to hundreds of millions of people”. Lanier then asks the question, “If waves of technological change bring new kinds of employment with them, what will it be like?” This is something that I truly fear, not just for other countries, but the United States as well. We advance so quickly with technology that it worries me for the people who may eventually get kicked to the curb because companies are able to replace them with some form of robots to do the work. Obviously fake, but still relevant to this topic, is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, starring Johnny Depp. In the movie we see Charlie’s father losing his job to some kind of robot because it is more efficient, quicker, and cheaper to use than people. I really do feel that eventually something like this could happen, and that will be a terrible time for the people in our world.


2 comments on “Technology Replacing People

  1. That is something I truly fear as well. In another movie I just recently watched called “Elysium” the people left on Earth were offered limited low-wage jobs because advanced robots had taken over the jobs that were important, ultimately leading everyone into a world of poverty that they could not escape from. It definitely freaks me out because we see so many relevant truths in these movies that poses the question of what would really happen if this was the fate of our world. I hope that we are able to remain in control of technology and not let it slip out of our hands.

  2. I agree! this is happening all around us. When’s the last time that you saw a major retailer that does not have a self checkout line? Every major department store has at least two to four booths that are express and are self checkout. What will happen to the cashiers when everybody learns how to use the self checkout counters at an efficient pace? There are only two places that I have been to that did not have a self checkout line, which are Shop-Rite and Aldi. Both of these retailers on the other hand, only pay minimum wage.

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