Chinese Tech Rehab

I found this video on the NY Times website while researching for my video project. I know everyone talks about the internet being an addiction and how bad technology can be for you physically, mentally, etc. but in China, they actually have rehab centers for people who are obsessed with the internet. I’m not sure if this is taking it too far though, because if you watch the video you can see how upset, and depressed the people in the camp sound when they talk. One kid talks about how his mom brought him in to talk to someone about his addiction, and when he walked into the center they tied his arms and left him in a room all alone. I understand going to talk to a therapist and understanding what you can do to be less addicted to the internet but this camp seems a little more like torture than anything. The Chinese do seem to have a bigger hold on technology than many other places so it could be that they also know how to control the urges to always be on the web. But still, I can’t help but feel like this is a bit much, and something that I wonder if it would be allowed in other places such as the US.


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