Facebook’s New Gender Options

In recent internet news, Facebook has altered its options for the gender of its users to allow for various transgender individuals. Now, as an alternative to selecting male, female, or other, there are any number of other optional gender choices, even allowing for customization of different collections of labels (for example, a user could display their gender as “Non-Gender Binary” and “Genderfluid” simultaneously, as many members of such communities prefer a few categorizations to simply selecting one). In addition, selecting the “Custom” gender option affords the user the to select which pronoun they would like facebook to use to refer to said user and their posts (the options presently are male pronouns, female pronouns, and singular they). This offers many transgender individuals the opportunity to present their “true” gender on their profiles rather than selecting an option which inadequately expressed their identity. A sampling of the various options available are shown below.


By shackler2013

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