Headphone Integration, The First Step?

Recently, a family friend told meabout a project he recently got involved with. Being adept with programming and the computer, he found a company looking for an app developer through a mutual friend. The company is called Muzik, and they predominantly create headphones.

The headphones he was helping launch, were a new design with complete hands freecapabilities. He actually showed me a demo of how they work. Basically, the headphones have 4 touch-sensors on the sides of them (check out the pic below). The ones that run parallel can shuffle through songs while the vertical ones can change the volume. In addition, I learned that there was an accelerometer in the headphones which could sense when they were placed onto the table so that they would stop playing. Furthermore, the headphones could control the incoming and outgoing calls with similar swipe features.

While I do not think the headphones were completely revolutionary in their technology, I think they characterized much of where I see technology headed. What do they do differently? Well they make listening to music and the entire headphone experience more immersive and effortless.

In the future, I think we will continue to see technologies that follow these principles. I read an article a while back about smart contact lenses that not only integrate your address book, but also have full internet access for browsing while you walk down the street. The article, if I remember correctly, said that these futuristic lenses could relay animated images on real life settings. So imagine this: You are strolling through the ruins of Ancient Rome, basking in the awe-inspiring, yet broken architecture that once defined an Empire. Now your contact lenses recreate a chariot galloping down the street and add in virtual, ancient Romans wandering the streets, and fix the broken buildings to make them look as if they were newly constructed. Now, wouldn’t that be something?


By rohpatel

One comment on “Headphone Integration, The First Step?

  1. Wow, those headphones seem really cool. I think that its great that technology is only getting better and better– well at least in this case. I wonder what the sound quality these headphones will have, and the pricing point. These kind of remind me of the Dre headphones, but obviously more advanced. Overall, I found your article very interesting!

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