Hotel Key App

Hotels use room cards or some still use actual keys. However, these days just about everything has an app for it, so it’s no surprise that a company in Silicon Valley is developing a hotel room key app. This app is currently used in beta at two hotels; one in NYC and one in Cupertino, California. The app so far has been available for iPhones and the latest android models.


Practically everyone takes their smartphone with them everywhere. Instead carrying around a plastic key card that’s very easy to lose, having an app is not only convenient but also eco friendly. There are a few downsides to this. The first would be encryption. exactly how safe is this app; who has access to this information? I imagine it would have a code that had some kind of expiration countdown. Personally, I have an overload of music and apps on my iphone so this app would have to be small in space– at least for convenience sake.

Besides the few minor downfalls, this app could save hotels money and could really decrease the amount of hotel keys being lost. In conclusion, I think hotel key apps are a great idea and should start being integrated into hotel chains.

By maggiebania

One comment on “Hotel Key App

  1. Technology is such an amazing thing, honestly, I am not surprised that something like this has come out. If the beta testing is successful, with the kinks worked out, we will probably begin to see this in hotels all over the world within the next five years. I can’t even recount the amount of times i’ve lost/deactivated a hotel keycard and had to go to the front desk at all hours of the day or night to get a new one. Something like this sure would have helped me then.

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