Inspiration Dwindles, But the Charge Station is Nearer Than Ever Before

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” ~Zig Ziglar

We all know that feeling, being intoxicated by the rush of enlightenment and motivation to accomplishment a goal near and dear to us. The next day, we aren’t so drunk with passion and eventually become jaded. No, this is not some rant about how the next book we have to read sucks (even if i think it does,) or how we are social media is melting our brain much to the same effect as crack cocaine; this post is substantially more optimistic. As previously mentioned, we all become so enthralled (I had to look this word up before I used it) by our desire to maybe start a new work out routine, pick up a new hobby, or anything that leaves your verse on Earth, but for some reason we can never keep that clarity and focus to last for more than a few days at a time. This is not a side effect of technology and our ever diminishing attention span, but rather an evident fact of life; focus is not humanity’s forte, but there is hope. Humans have always made efforts to help one another (another uncited fact but I’m sure we can agree upon this) and as noble as these efforts have been, they have always been limited. With the industrialization era we have seen a much greater distribution and exodus of information due largely in part to the printing press, which allowed self-help literature to reach millions of more people; fine and dandy stuff. Now, we have the World Wide Web, and with that, the spread of potentially inspiring content reaches BILLIONS! That being said, if you are ever in need of an uplifting quote, cheery TED talk, or whatever it is that revs your engine, you are usually just a search away from exactly what you need. I personally view inspiration like an iPhone battery, lasts just as long as I use it for, but ultimately I need more juice.

An excellent app for keeping me uplifted in times of need is free. The app is called 55,000 Amazing Quotes (don’t let the title fool you, there are more than 55,000 quotes,) and just as the title informs us, this is a vast encyclopedia of famous quotes from people like Shakespeare, Einstein, Hemingway, Jesus, and even Mike the Situation (I made that one up but I gotta appeal to everyone if I’m trying to make it big in the blogging game.) If you are feeling philosophical, my boys Socrates and Nietzsche¬†can offer some insight. If humor is your thing, don’t worry, Douglas Adams and Jay Leno have some quips ready to read. The point I’m trying to make here is that despite the inherent evils of the internet (I hope I used the word ‘inherent’ properly) there are so many great tools at our disposal to push for greatness, and the harms of the internet are all our choice if we so choose, but if we wish to excel, the proverbial tool box is at our literal fingertips.




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