Netflix and Hulu Plus

Ask any college student if they watch television. The answer for many years has been “Yes of course.” However, if you ask around now, the answer is no not really. Netflix and Hulu Plus are slowly taking over the popularity of television. Netflix and Hulu Plus have started producing their own original series, such as House of Cards, Arrested Development, and Orange is the New Black. 



To subscribe to Netflix’s streaming service, which includes tv series and film, you get 1 month free, and each additional month is $7.99. Hulu Plus’ pricing is the same as Netflix, but you only get one week free. Both sites have many overlapping shows and movies. However, some movies or shows are exclusive to one. For example, you can only watch Breaking Bad on Netflix– it’s not available on Hulu Plus. While there is some overlap, Netflix offers significantly more TV and movies than Hulu Plus, but Hulu has currently airing television shows the day after they air (in most cases). In addition, some classic cults such as Titanic and Top Gun are absent from both streaming sites, due to a terminated licensing contract. 


Here is a link to get a free month of Netflix, along with a link to Hulu Plus for one week free:


Streaming movies on your laptop, phone or tablet is much more convenient than your standard television that’s in the living room. Not to mention, the commercial advertisements that seem to spam tv. Investing in a laptop with a retina display and maybe buying a small projector, like this one for $200 can not only replace cable and tv by giving you a bigger “screen”, but it can probably save you money. 

By maggiebania

3 comments on “Netflix and Hulu Plus

  1. House of Cards is an amazing show!!! Literally just started it and now im hooked! I think that Netflix definitely advanced to the point that Blockbuster had to bankrupt. And now Netflix even offers a feature that allows multiple people in a house hold to share one account and gives different recommendations to each of the accounts. The only downfall I believe Netflix has is that the movies are a little out dated but in the television department they definitely continue to update seasons which is awesome! I literally am able to binge watch all these tv shows, especially with all this snow weve gotten!

  2. I am obsessed with Orange is The New Black! Such a good/funny show. Not sure if you watch it, but the series is actually based off a real story which makes it even funnier. I love netflix, and it’s just another distraction unfortunately because you can access it on your tv, laptop…so pretty much whenever you want.

  3. I can whole heartedly attribute my short comings as a student during finals my freshman year of college to Netflix. But maybe those failures led me to the right path in life and I should really be thanking Netflix, plus Mad Men and Breaking Bad have arguably made me a better person.

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