Subliminal Messages

Last week, when were were viewing the sample video projects, the one that that impacted me the most was Tania’s project which focused on the negative impact media has had on women. The portion by Dove where women are asked to describe themselves to a sketch artist was so moving that I had tears in my eyes. As a society, we are surrounded by a massive amount of media that at times doesn’t seem to have an effect on our psyche.

We hear music and watch movies and see advertisements on a daily basis. And most of the time, the material that is being presented through mass media is filled with messages that promote  the glorification of  drugs, violence, and racism. But, the negative message that is most promoted and has the most impact, in my opinion, is the unrealistic expectation of women to achieve the perfect body. This contributes to the negative view women have of their self worth and has been a significant factor in the rising rate of eating disorders, depression, and suicide amongst women everywhere.

I came across a video that explores the idea of how women are portrayed in the media. Highlighting the fact that most of the women that we see in movies and in advertisements are so altered that they no longer resemble their original selves, I couldn’t believe the amount of retouching that goes into making a woman look completely flawless. It’s no wonder that young girls grow up with low self esteem and do not value their self worth; these images are literally thrown at us everyday.

If you have five minutes, I highly recommend that you watch this video. It’s pretty eye-opening. And also, go Kate Winslet.


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