Technology Taking Over

In researching for project ideas, I came across this article from Forbes: Phew, The Robots Are Only Going To Take 45 Percent Of All The Jobs

Along with technological advancement we have found ourselves moving forward with more economical ways to get things done. That is where these robots come into play. Though they may be more economical, and more efficient, the fact that the unemployment rate in the United State is on a continuous rise, having machines and robots doing human jobs is a huge contributing factor to the issue. 

The fact that they predict that robots will be able to take over 45% of human jobs is astonishing. It’s almost half of the worlds population is replaceable by a piece of machinery, that keep in mind, a human must build. That’s some irony. We are creating computer-operated machines to take the place of ourselves.

Either way, though this does seem like a huge technological advancement and a huge step forward in the digital age, in our troubled economy, losing more and more jobs to robots each year is not something that will help us fix the problem of unemployment, rather than set us further from that goal. 



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