When Technology is Good

Sure, technology can be something that drives us insane sometimes. Keeping us from finishing our homework on time, or staying up too late. But at the same time, I think it’s amazing to be part of this generation, where technology is making things that we never thought would be possible happen. I came across this article on the Live Science website which talks about low-cost technologies that are being invented to help people, who have lost the ability to speak due to brain damage, to be able to talk again. 

The artcile revolves around a young woman, Maggie, who suffered a stroke at only 22. At first, Maggie was diagnosed as brain dead. But, after a few days doctors started noticing slight eye movement which meant that  her mind was still intact. This is when Maggie and her mom met Dan Bacher, who founded SpeakYourMind, a foundation that works towards developing low cost technologies to help people like Maggie. The foundation created these low cost glasses which allow Maggie to answer yes and no questions by moving her eye. The glasses go for around $30, compared to other systems on the market that go for about 10-15 thousand dollars. Bacher’s foundation is helping people of all ages recover the ability to communicate for such a low cost, it’s crazy how much this could mean for our future. Check out the article below: 



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