Inexpensive Braille Printer made by 12-year-old

A 12-year-old student in seventh grade by the name Shubham Banerjee from Santa Clara, California, has created a Braille printer by recycling parts from a toy lego set.


It is an extremely low cost solution for blind and disadvantaged people around the world.The printer, dubbed Braigo (Braille), was created from the Lego Mindstorms EV3 set. Banerjee also added $5-worth of additional materials, which means the finished product costs anywhere around $350. This makes Braigo much more affordable than other Braille printers, which can sometimes be as much as $2,000. However, the student’s has a good heart: he decided to make the project an open-source, meaning he plans to release the design free of charge to communities.

“I’ll make this Braille printer and make the steps and the program software open to the Internet, so anyone who has a set can make it,” Banerjee said in a YouTube video about the Braigo project.

According to, “An estimated 285 million people are visually impaired worldwide, and 90 percent of these individuals live in developing countries, according to the World Health Organization. An inexpensive Braille printer could bring affordable, 21st-century computing to millions of people facing visual impairment, Banerjee said”.



4 comments on “Inexpensive Braille Printer made by 12-year-old

  1. It seriously melts my heart that he is releasing this this publicly, so others can benefit from it. Even if he doesn’t make money from this venture; I’m sure that if this is his potential at 12, when he’s 20 he’ll be engineering something out of this world and will be well known in the scientific community.

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