Tell Us What You Want and You Will Get It

Everyone has amazing ideas, but no one ever feels like putting their thoughts into fruition. This is simple human nature and I am not exploring any new grounds with that statement, but it is important to keep in mind. Let’s say you have an idea that you always wanted to see happen, yet you don’t want to make, but you’d be fine with letting someone else make your idea. This could be the future of how life works; come up with an idea and give it away. This concept of giving away remarkable innovations for free is not so radical; think of Skype, Facebook, iTunes, Spotify, Wikipedia, the list goes on and on, yet you are never required to pay a single dime for these amazing technological services. This kind of selfless donation to the pool of human advancement is what makes humanity so great, and reminds me that life is worth living if I am ever in a dark funk. We have the capability to make all of our dreams come true once we overlook capitalistic gains and lavish lifestyles in favor of creating a verse in life that transcends its greatness for all of mankind. Now that I am done ranting romantically, let’s get to the brunt of what I am trying to say. What if we created a website that allowed everyone to post what they wanted to see in an app, invention, or whatever, and some developer or programmer sees these ideas and makes them happen. Obviously the ones with the ideas won’t be compensated monetarily unless the developer believes he or she should, but the bottom line remains that the great idea an individual had came to life. This kind of thinking needs to be emphasized, and I think this will be the new way of utilizing the internet.

Fret not though, this idea will be available sooner than later, I may or may not be working on it as we speak, and I may or may not already have it all planned out. Even if I don’t come up with the platform and someone else will, the spark of human ingenuity paired with the marvel of human labor will combine to give us the next technological advancement of the 21st century.

Or maybe I’m just cursed by the dreamer’s disease, who knows?


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