A Day Without Electricity/Technology

What would a day without technology entail? Or electricity? (I am not referring to a physics definition of electricity, but our everyday interactions with it) As melodramatic as it sounds, if the entire world stopped using technology, many would be doomed. Of course, teenagers would be mourning the loss of their Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and texting. Adults would be thrilled to have their email down and their cellphones shut off. The elderly would probably still moan and groan.


But is that all technology is? Cell phones and social media? The answer is definitely no. If all technology went kaput, along with electricity which runs most of these things, then so would landlines, cable, power lines, and more. Our cars would be useless hunks of metal, and stop lights and power grids would become ornamental. Our ovens and microwaves would be unusable, as would our fridges. Transportation and communication would cease. (Assuming that most people do not have solar/wind power or have back up generators.)


Hospitals would only run during the day, seeing as there’d be little to no light at night to perform surgeries, procedures, etc. Most tools and all of the life saving machines would cease working. NASA satellites would be down and left without communication for 24 crucial hours. We’d all be sitting ducks, awaiting the apocalypse. Radios and tv would be down; so no one would know what was happening, or if things were getting better or worse. 


The thing is, that despite this very dramatic scenario, life would go on. We only started using electricity mainstream in the 1900’s. Before that, machines were steam powered and we had to read for personal entertainment. We’d have to play games outside, and use our imaginations more, like they did in historical times. Parents wouldn’t be able to punish by taking away computers or cell phones because neither would work. To cook a meal, you’d have to use a stove that burned wood or coal. Light at night would mean candles and lanterns. I mean, there are a lot more examples of how we as a society functioned before the discovery of electricity, and combining of technology, but we’d be here all week. 


Although it would seem that life without power would be a catharsis for mankind, it would be  possible to revert to ways of life our forefathers lived. So my point is, that yes, we rely on technology and power too much, but its become very crucial for our way of life. That being said, mankind is and always has been very adaptable to change. 

By maggiebania

3 comments on “A Day Without Electricity/Technology

  1. Having no electricity would be crazy. It would bring us back to the horse and carriage days. I like the walking dead poster you put up because it would most certainly be like that in the modern day and age. It would also be really boring if the world had no electricity and no zombies to kill to get our minds off boredom.

  2. It’s funny, reading this post reminded me of the horrible week I was stranded in Jersey City during Hurricane Sandy. It was a shock at first to not have any wifi or tv or lights or phone signal for so many days but I don’t think it was devastating. I remember thinking at the time that it was because I was like…”How are people living right now” “I haven’t talked to my mom in days” “I’m starving!!!” but like you said, “Life goes on” and it most certainly does. I feel like it was a life changing experience because in my time nothing like that has ever happened to me but I think I can relive it, possibly even voluntarily one day.

  3. I remember for a power-out we once had everyone going crazy because we had no electricity – I can’t even imagine no electricity permanently because it has become such an influential part of our lives that we rely on.

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