Project Tango

Google recently announced a new initiative they are working on called Project Tango.  They developed a prototype smartphone that can 3d map your environment by just pointing and moving around.  It works by having a motion tracking camera and depth sensor in the back of the smartphone.  While moving around it will create a 3d map of your surroundings.  I think this is a great idea because it is a great step forward in helping blind people move around their homes.  In the video you see a blind man walking around with a smartphone and his dog.  The precise 3d map will tell them what is in front of them so they will not walk into objects.  If anyone has seen the the Google selfless driving car video then you know that the old man in the video was blind as they revealed it in the end.  I believe Google is trying to start a movement with technology helping the blind.  Also, some of you might think this sounds familiar because it was in The Dark Knight.  Well you are right and wrong.  Batman used his version to track down the joker by mapping out Gotham City but his technology used sonar waves to create 3d maps, not tracking motion cameras.


2 comments on “Project Tango

  1. Project Tango sounds so interesting. I think this, if perfected, would be revolutionary not only for the visually impaired, but could prevent accidents on average. I’m a huge fan of the Christopher Nolan Batman movies, so when I read your article I had a flashback to that exact scene. I think Google is really going to revolutionize the way we mainstream technology.

  2. I always have to wonder with things like this whether it was driven by the social use or was simply where the technology lead the developers. Was there a deliberate decision to develop technology for helping blind citizens or did this technology naturally arise and it happens to be useful for blind individuals? Regardless of the answer, developments such as this are incredibly important for our growth as a society.

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