Reality TV

I have been watching reality TV for as long as I could remember. I have two older sisters and when I was younger, I would find myself watching the new season of Real World before I even checked to see what Zoey 101 episode was on. Now, with all the other shows, I find myself watching a lot of reality TV, which I can’t complain about since its extremely entertaining! Real Housewives, Vanderpump Rules, Mobwives, Teen Mom/16 and Pregnant, and Real World are all shows that I watch daily. Since I am older now and watching reality TV, I realized there are many negative messages that are sent through reality TV. When I was younger, it never affected me, but now that I watch it I can see how much it probably does affect the younger generation. Filled with fights, sex, cheating, and alcohol/drug use, reality TV sends out the wrong idea to the audience it attracts. But aside from all those issues, one of the biggest issues that I think reality TV presents is Domestic Violence. I have watched it in Real Housewives, Teen Mom and Real World. The media and reality TV displays Domestic Violence pretty often and I feel that the media sends the wrong message when it comes to Domestic Violence.

teen mom amber

Teen Mom 2: Amber and Gary

My partner and I Maggie are doing our video project on this, so you will learn more and see more later!


5 comments on “Reality TV

  1. Back in high school I use to watch all the real world shows but now I can’t stand them because they are scripted. I don’t know how in high school I never questioned it because it was entertaining watching people make fools of themselves on national television. I agree that reality tv sends a bad message, especially to young viewers. I guess it’s true what they say that the older you become the wiser you get.

    • I know! I’m watching the one that is currently on now and I realized how scripted it is. A few years ago I would have thought it was all real, but I guess now that we are older we can really see the truth behind reality TV.

  2. I agree with you. Reality TV really does send out horrible messages. But I guess that’s how they keep us interested and entertained. I used to be convinced that these shows weren’t that scripted! But not it’s just painfully obvious. No idea how I used to be so naive.

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