Digital Capital Punishment

I wish i could say the death of my iPhone was painless, but I know it’s not true.  In the phone’s last moments, as its light was flickering out, it was reaching out, still trying to connect.  

It was dark when I walked out of the double doors into the green light from the illuminated “Olive Garden” sign above me. It was cold so I carefully jogged, trying not to spill my uncapped cup of sprite, to the back right of the parking lot where I was parked next to a chest high snow drift left there by the plows.  I pulled at the handle and the frozen condensation sealing the the door shut broke away and I slid into the drivers seat.  Having made cash tips all night I rummaged through my clothing in search of my wallet to put the bills away. I set my cup in the cup holder and started to throw the contents of my pockets into the passenger seat.  Pens, and a green cloth napkin from my front left apron pocket; server book, swipe card, more pens, some receipts, and a used gift card from my front right apron pocket; more pens and gum in my right pants pocket; all of these items landing safely on the seat to my right. Left pocket; I set my middle finger about a quarter of the way up the screen on my gold iPhone 5s and my thumb the same distance up the back, I gripped, and pulled the phone out of my pocket.  With my left hand I tossed the phone to my right, like a helicopter trying to stay below the radar the phone spun gliding over my left and then right legs.  Because of the low placement of my fingers when I threw the device, the phone ended up spinning through the air.  One spinning end clipped the plastic Olive Garden togo cup and splashed into the bottom.  Quickly I grabbed the device out; the screen was black at first.  Then the Apple symbol popped up; “nooo, why is it turning back on!?”.  I pushed on the top button and the red bar saying “slide to power off” came on the screen.  It wont slide, again I try, again, and again.  Ouch! the phone the starts to zap me. ahh, turn off! Again I try, whats wrong?!  Death row, inmate number 5s, ready to fulfill death sentence.  The screen began to flicker, and because the phone was electrocuting me I tossed it onto the passenger seat.  The screen flickered for probably 40 seconds before going black for a final time.  I killed my phone, and no restored from back up clone will ever be the same. 


2 comments on “Digital Capital Punishment

  1. It was actually frightening towards the end of the story. Well put though! that is exactly how it seemed to me. If i think about it now, I was in an odd way, performing CPR on dying Galaxy Nexus. It lived after I let it soak in rice though. Give that a shot.

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