Mobile World Congress

It is that time of the year again where the Mobile World Congress is set stage to present to the world the newest technology in the mobile world. If you are not familiar with MWC, it is the largest conference for the mobile industry. This year  it will be in beautiful Barcelona, Spain on February 24th to the 27th. Each year they present the latest technology that consumers can purchase in the following months. This year you can expect plenty of new devices from big companies such as LG, Sony, Nokia, and other companies. You expect Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook to present a keynote speech on the company’s recent purchase of Whatsapp and it’s future plan with it. The big item here that everyone is waiting to be revealed is the Galaxy S5 by Samsung. Everyone knows the Galaxy series is the number one android competitor against the Apple iPhone, so we are curious what Samsung has up their sleeves. Supposedly there will be two versions of the S5 where one will be the usual plastic body and the other will have a premium metal body but this all just rumors. You can follow various tech blogs to keep updated on MWC.


One comment on “Mobile World Congress

  1. I honestly cannot wait for the galaxy s5, its supposed to be a huge upgrade after about almost 2 years now. I’m expecting something completely awesome, the only problem is that I don’t know what else can be incorporated into a phone. What else can possibly be there?

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