When Snapchat first came out, I was completely into it. I thought it was a fun app and it was just another cool addition to having an iPhone. Taking pictures that only last for 3 seconds and sending them to your friends making ugly faces and whatnot. You could walk around the mall or sit on the bus and all you would see was people making faces at their phone and you knew exactly what they were doing..


Many people have their opinions about snapchat. About a few months ago I deleted snapchat off my phone because I honestly just didn’t understand the reason to have it. Recently they have discovered that the snapchat app is being hacked. The app itself makes it accessible for hackers so go through the app and freeze iPhones. They use the token coins that come off the app to send mass messages to everyone. My roommate had a random picture of a smoothie send out to every single person in her snapchat contacts, so it does actually happen. For all you snapchat users, watch out and read this article! Snapchat



11 comments on “Snapchat

  1. I’m guilty of making stupid faces in public when I use Snapchat. I think Snapchat changed how we act publicly. Just like Instagram, we take 5 minutes to take and edit a pic of our meal now to upload to Instagram.

  2. I used to use snapchat on a daily basis when it first came out…sometimes even multiple times a day sending my daily & then actually keeping a conversation but I saw no point of it. I talked to the same people every day & it was just taking too much of my time so I deleted it.

  3. I am still guilty of using snapchat, but it’s not as popular as before – I get less and less snaps, sometimes only two or three a week. I’ve heard of screenshotting photos to save them but I didn’t know hackers could send out their own pictures!

  4. I love it when I can catch random people pulling faces at their phones for Snapchats. I’m obviously guilty of it too 🙂 I remember when it first came out, I was obsessed with it and could maintain a full on conversation via pictures and derpy faces. Now, I use it occasionally, mostly as a response to someone. I’ve known about the list of users thats apparently available online, but in my case, I don’t use my actual name as my user.

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