All the new goodies!!

Here’s a rundown of all the most interesting technology that was unveiled at CES 2014. For those of you that are not familiar with CES, just scroll down to georgek0427’s post. 



Belkin’s Linksys brand announced an impressive 802.11ac wireless router: dual-core 1.2 GHz processor, and can transfer data at 1.3 ghps 



This is the Brunton Hydrogen reactor. It does exactly what its name is. It sucks the hydrogen out of the air and converts it into a fuel cell type power source that can be used to charge anything which has USB charging




this is the Toyota iRoad. It is an electric powered “person carrier” it transports people indoors from one place to another. It is completely electric, and only weighs about 500 pounds. Those of you living in castles out there. This one’s for you.  




This one’s last but definitely not least. This little tiny thing can analyze your DNA and tell you what type of diseases or illness that that particular’s DNA is susceptible to. It was used successfully in diagnosing a patient with Malaria. Super grounding instrument, but sadly only was covered very briefly at the CES. Probably because it is not really a consumer thing, but more of a health practitioner type of thing. Any of these interest you? Comment below!  

By fk125

2 comments on “All the new goodies!!

  1. I think the last product that you put in your blog is so interesting! It is so funny how people can create this objects that are so small yet able to do so much. It is always a great thing to see how far we have come in medicine, hopefully being able to cure many diseases in the future.

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