Doubting the benefits of growing technology

After a long period of anticipation, apple released their latest line of iPhones, the 5s and the new 5c model, in late October 2013. Just like everyone else, of course, I was curious of the new products and eagerly awaiting the date I would be eligible to upgrade my perfectly fine iPhone 5 to the next model. Since then though, I have continued to do some research on the phones, and with the new iPhone 5s, there has been a lot of speculation towards one issue. Who has access towards the data saved from the fingerprint scanner. 


Of course this sounds like a revolutionary idea in the world of technology, not needing a password other than your biological information encoded into your fingerprint. But since the release of the phone, many people have begun to wonder, who exactly has access to this information. Apple states that the information from your fingerprint is not saved other than for unlocking your own phone or able to transferred to anyone, but there are many people that fear that anyone, even government agencies, will be able to have access to your fingerprint, and essentially, DNA information, just from the touch of a new cell phone.

There are a lot of people now that will think twice, is this scanner a revolutionary idea of technology, or a violation of your privacy. 


2 comments on “Doubting the benefits of growing technology

  1. I still have the 4s and although I am eligible for an upgrade, I didn’t think that any of the 5’s were worth upgrading too. When the 5s came out I thought the fingerprint thing was so cool. Honestly I didn’t know that this was a worry about the iPhone! That is actually something to worry about and it definitely is possible that the fingerprints of the iPhone users are becoming accessible to the government and others.

  2. I have actually never thought of this until your post and I am glad you posted it. Recently when we discussed the NSA I began to wonder how much control the government actually has, and with your post I wonder this again. To be honest, I don’t believe that the phone companies don’t have that much control over their products, and I definitely think that people are able to have our fingerprints if we choose to use the scanner.

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