Formula E?

The test runs are done. The dates are set. There is a new form of racing that is supposedly supposed to take over the world. That is racing using electric formula 1 cars. Everyone is aware of how dangerous formula racing is, because if somebody were to crash, their car would go up in flames. That will now be a thing of the past, because in electric cars, there is no gasoline. It is also better for the environment, because the gasoline and fluids that race cars run on, are extremely hazardous for the environment. For example, these vehicles cannot run on anything less than about 101 octane gasoline, which isn’t even sold in some states, because of their emission laws. I personally am not very interesting in this form of racing, because I love the smell of gasoline. No matter how advanced technology gets, a classic car and classic racing while always retain its own appeal to me. 



Sure is beautiful. 


By fk125

2 comments on “Formula E?

  1. I think that this is definitely a better alternative for people who do not necessarily agree with formula racing and the danger that it can cause. However, I agree that this is a huge difference with classic racing, but maybe it will get many more people into this sport.

  2. The interaction of technology and cultural events is very interesting, from video reviews in football to the aforementioned electric formula 1 racing. In any event, it is clear that sports in the future will always be tempered by modern technology.

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