Healthcare Technology Debacle

I just wanted to comment on the disaster than developed earlier this year. To provide a brief overview: the website which was supposed to be open and ready to enroll hundreds of thousands failed miserably. It was overburdened and almost completely unusable. This was coupled with a message from Obama that individual people would actually be able to keep their insurances if they ‘liked [them]’.

Beginning with the first. In today’s age of technology many people found this particular faux pas to be characteristic of the entire ACA bill itself; incomplete, wrong, just an all around mess. The detractors had a field day (or field – weeks, for that matter) regarding all of the problems the website was facing. The law was already NOT delivering on it’s promises and I’m sure the political right-wingists were beaming in their seats.

Amid this fiasco, President Obama said the second part. The problem with what was said was this: people could not actually KEEP their insurances outright (except for the few who were grandfathered in prior to the passing of the ACA). They could continue with their policies as long as they didn’t change since the law was passed.

All in all, these two compounding events had huge effects on the people’s perception of the already controversial ACA. What I found most interesting is how the technology failed the administration. I figured, since the earliest conception of the online health insurance exchange plan (a particularly essential piece of the ACA) Obama’s team would have begun recruiting top computer programmers/developers in order to ensure a successful launch for the program. And if they did that, then perhaps the law really is too big with too many moving parts and too many competing interests; I can’t say for certain.

What I do think, however, is that the ACA is huge piece of legislation. And to perfect something of this magnitude, time is needed. And what I think happened was, the Obama administration grossly underestimated the amount of time they needed. I hope the details will be ironed out soon, though, because I feel the ACA is a step in the right direction.

By rohpatel

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