Stolen iPhones

So recently my mother had her iphone stolen from the gym. Then, the person who took it called my brother and told him that it they were working the front desk and that they would return it to my mother when she got back to the gym. When my mother got back the workers at the front desk looked at her confused, because they never once had her phone and whoever called from it was lying. The person then turned off the phone so that it could not be tracked. My mother asked the gym to watch the cameras and if they found anything, then maybe something could be done about it. The manager saw something on the cameras and contacted the police to come in. We were not allowed to know who it was that was seen on camera, but the police called the person and left a message saying that if they had the phone to return it. The person ended up bringing the phone all the way to the gym in Piscataway, even though it was taken from the one in North Brunswick, luckily, but back to the relevant part of the story. The cop told my mother and I about something very interesting when it comes to iPhones. Apparently, in states such as California, Apple is required to turn a stolen iPhone back on once it is turned off, so that it can be tracked. I was never aware of this rule but now that I am, I definitely think that it is something that should be enforced in New Jersey as well. Of course I believe that there should be something else to go along with that rule, maybe that the police must be contacted before a person tries to go and get their phone, for safety precautions, but regardless, I still think it is something that should be done.


2 comments on “Stolen iPhones

  1. I had my iPhone stolen last summer and wasn’t lucky enough to have it returned. This feature would be very useful I think in terms of reducing stolen phones and increasing the amount of successfully found and returned phones.

  2. I had no idea that apple actually does that if the police are involved…I’ve had 2 phones stolen from me in the past but none that were iphones. I also agree that the rule should be reinforced in jersey.

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