The Gearfit

samsung gearfit

Samsung has come out with really cool watches called the Gear and the Gear 2, but recently Samsung came out with something they call the Gearfit. Its a watch that is flexible and wraps around your wrist. It has a curvy and rubbery strap so that the watch moves with your wrist and is said to be extremely comfortable. It is easily detachable, is good for any fitness activity and is waterproof! Its extremely light and small the Gear Fit is said to be 23.4mm by 57.4mm by 11.95mm and weighs in at a tiny 27g. Along with its appearance and style, it comes with wide screen that is easy to swipe and carries all your information on it. It has bluetooth, a heart rate sensor, and many more features. On this device you will receive notifications for calls, text messages, calendar events and the alarm clock. The price hasn’t been released yet but for such a small, flexible and convenient product, it might be hard to say no.

Heres the article on it: Gearfit


7 comments on “The Gearfit

  1. These new smart watches seem to be increasingly popular. While i think that they are a really cool idea, I don’t know if I would use it that often if I were to have one. Id say that for the most part of the day I have my phone on me and would just use that instead. I could definitely see these being used in the gym or for runners! It’ll be interesting to see if these catch on in the next few years

    • I thought the same thing as I was writing and looking at the article. I would much rather have my phone on me than the watch, but it is a great product for people involved in fitness!

  2. This new watch seems extremely convenient as it can basically do anything. I definitely think that they were able to add enough details to the watch that would make it very high in demand, especially it being made waterproof for workouts. However, I will be interested to see how much these watches actually cost.

  3. As awesome as this watch is, and as much as I even kind of want one, I feel like we are increasingly becoming walking advertisements for these companies by displaying their signature styles [i.e. rocking the Apple Logo on your laptop to give just one case]

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