As they say: ‘old is gol- zircon?’

In a rather interesting article I found today, I learned that scientists have found the oldest fragment of Earth ever to be discovered; the crystal zircon. It is estimated to be 4.4 billion years old whereas the earth is estimated to be 4.5. This remarkable discovery could open new doors into the Earth’s early formation and history.

What I found particularly interesting about the article is that scientists were actually able to get a decent rough estimate on the age. To think we have the ability to find the age of something from so long ago we cannot even fathom the lapsed time is nothing short of remarkable. They had to use two different dating techniques in order to be completely sure, but they were relatively confident in their estimation.

This bring up interesting questions about how much we still don’t understand about the past; and by extension, how much we can’t predict about the future. I hope by the time I have lived my life to its inevitable end, those scientists, who are much smarter than I, will have some concrete evidence supporting the theories of life on Earth…and beyond.Screen shot 2014-02-24 at 8.16.58 PM

By rohpatel

One comment on “As they say: ‘old is gol- zircon?’

  1. Whenever I begin thinking about the details of how science comes to conclusions about the distant past, it reliably boggles my mind. I often forget, for example, that all the things we have been taught about ancient civilizations are theories, prone to reconsideration and change with new evidence. It really makes me question some things about the distant past that we have lead to believe are incontrovertible fact.

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