Chase iPhone app

I was thinking today about how much I use my chase bank iPhone app. It’s so convenient. I can basically do pretty much anything I would be able to do at my bank, but through my phone. I can transfer money, pay people, check my account, and ask for help at any given time. I think it’s amazing how convenient and easy apps make it for us to do every day things without the hassle and troubles that every day things can bring. Between school, work, and 4 English classes I have my hands full and being able to access my bank through my phone is the coolest thing. Besides, I don’t have to deal with the rude and unfriendly people at my bank who constantly make me wonder why I still use the same bank! The only thing my iPhone lacks is the free lollipops I get every time I go to the actual bank, but who knows maybe iPhone 20 will have that feature as well…



2 comments on “Chase iPhone app

  1. I wish the TD Bank app was as useful as the Chase app. I think the coolest thing about the Chase app is having the ability to deposit your check into your account by taking a picture of it.

  2. The risk of mobile banking is (of course) that it ups the bar for security of mobile devices and their data communications. The interplay between these two facets of our society is interesting to observe.

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