DIgital Peasant Chic

This chapter really hooked my attention because of the scary reality of technology for our future. We are so addicted to the hype of new products, completely blinding us from the power of these advancements. It will forever be true that “any skill, no matter how difficult to acquire, can become obsolete when the machines improve”(Lanier 55). In a way it is much like a double-edged sword. We obvisiously want to create the most advanced machines and medicines for longer life spans, but that eagerness has created consequences that could seriously alter our life for the future. Lanier explains how advanced technology like robots continue to exceed expectations on their capabilities. Many people think of robots as fictitious characters in Sci-Fi movies, but they are becoming much more real. We are losing our natural ability of creating and sustaining relationships to gadgets and systems that are prioritizing our time. We forget to remember we have little to no control over these innovations, leaving it in the hands of the privileged. As a society we have all assimilated to life in the digital world because that is the new norm. My grandpa has a simple black flip phone without a camera or text messaging. He just cant seem to get with the groove of technology and hes becoming the minority. In 50 years, it will be weird for someone to think about a time before computers.

I think another trend that Lainer exposes in this chapter is that future income and social inequality will continue as the technology advances. The rich will continue to receive the best treatment and products. Their manipulation of how these innovations are distributed will increase the distance between future social classes. And their manipulation of the media content through technology will dominate our everyday lives; it already does. Lanier states “If content is worthless, then people will start to become empty headed and contentless.” Most of the media we read and see is what we are being told, something we as a society have learned to accept. The average person might have the means of creating a film with the technology but anything of quality it quickly scooped up by a rich businessman waiting on a deal. 


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