iPhone 6 rumors

So my contract upgrade is coming up…which I’m pretty excited about because I’ve had the same phone for a while now. Somehow, someone in my family always tricks me into giving them my upgrade and they’ll give me their latest model of the iPhone for free…so okay not a bad deal, but this time I get to use my own upgrade! Anyway, while researching on the new iPhone I found some new things that seem pretty cool…and others that I actually don’t like too much. For example, they’re talking about making the new iPhone two sizes, and both sizes will be bigger than any iPhone has been. To be honest, I like the original sizes of the iPhones, anything iPhone 4 down I like. It’s smaller and I can fit it in my pocket. I don’t like the lengthy feel of the latest iPhones (5 and 5s). So any if they’re making the phones even bigger I’m not sure if I want that… Back to the cool features. There are some rumors going around that the screen of the new iPhone will be curve which is supposed to make the screen more durable, comfortable for users and more suitable for videos, games, etc. Another crazy rumor I heard is that it will also be eye-controlled, as in we won’t have to touch the screen to scroll through pages. Also, they’re thinking of making retina scanning security, which would scan your eyes to unlock your phone…sounds pretty futuristic and awesome. Kind of reminds me of things I would see in 90’s movies and never imagine happening in my lifetime! I’m excited to see if the rumors are true. 




One comment on “iPhone 6 rumors

  1. I’m at this weird place with cell phone development where I can’t decide what is revolutionary and what is gimicky. Take the Samsung Galaxy S4 for example. The main selling points were the motion control (gesturing above the phone to answer calls), the self scrolling pages (based on eye movement), and the fingerprint scanner (I think). These all felt like superficial improvements that were very much just gimicks meant to sell a new device, but it seems now that they may have been more of a trend that the cell phone industry was heading towards.

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