Lanier’s Underlying Message

After reading more of Lanier’s book, I find that his style of writing – choppiness – is a recurrent theme. Each paragraph tends to be a different thought and sometimes it is hard to follow along with his original message. Unlike Carr, Lanier does not stop to reiterate what he meant with his last sentence. Nor can I summarize Lanier just by reading the last paragraph of each chapter. He just moves on to whatever idea he feels there is a connection.I’m not saying this is a bad thing because this is definitely a more interesting read than Carr. However, I think Lanier is trying to send a message: he is writing his book the way we have started to live our lives…with continuous distractions. His chopped paragraphs may represent our inabilities to stay focused on a certain thought for a long period of time. Maybe he is trying to show us that he needs to start each new paragraph with a fresh thought just to keep us focused on reading more. His book is written the way our minds need constant stimulation for us to be interested. Just like with our smartphones and laptops, we enjoy these brief bursts of technological stimulation in our daily lives.


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