Parking Ticket App

So I was recently just browsing around the web and I came across an article on CNN that was about a new app that can actually help you in fight parking tickets! This new app is entitled Fixed, and basically, “when someone gets a ticket, they snap a photo of it on their iPhone and enter the violation code. The Fixed app will tell them what percentage of those types of tickets are usually overturned and then show a list of possible reasons it could be found invalid. For example, a street cleaning sign might be obscured by a leafy tree, or a parking meter could be broken”. As someone who gets parking tickets regularly, I was in complete shock that this app was even created. I always wonder what app will be created next. Since having the iPhone, I have seen some of the most random apps but this one went beyond anything that I might have imagined would be created. This new app, Fixed, makes me wonder, will anything ever not have an app for phones? I think what makes these kinds of apps so intriguing are that they make everything so much more convenient. Have you ever tried fighting a parking ticket? 1. It is the hardest and most inconvenient thing to do. 2. You will most likely never win. This app can actually come up with different reasons as to why you may have been wrongfully ticketed. I’ll probably download it tonight.

If anyone wants to read further up on this article, the link is:


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