Pay or Download?

“This is not a sustainable solution. The younger you are, the more likely you are to grab a movie for free over the net instead of buying a disk. As for theaters, I wish them a long, healthy continued life, but imagine a world in which a superb fifty-dollar projector can be set up anywhere, in the woods or at the beach, and generate as good an experience. That is the world we will live in within a decade. Once file sharing shrinks Hollywood as it is now shrinking the music companies, the option of selling a script for enough money to make a living will be gone” (Lanier 57).

I don’t think that I have read a truer statement so far this semester in class. Realistically, how many people download all of the music that they have on their computers? Granted, there are still many people who buy their music, my brother being one of them. He is a huge advocate on buying his favorite music, because he says that if you’re not willing to buy your favorite artist’s music, then you are not a true fan. I most definitely agree with him, but the fact is CD’s are not cheap. The same goes for movies. It is so easy to stream any movie that you want, who is going to pay $12+ to see a movie? Movies are one thing that I will definitely pay to see though. I have liked some movies so much that I will see them multiple times. I also think that there is nothing like seeing a new movie on the big screen and that I need to take advantage of that while the movie is in theaters.


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