The Power of Streaming

I was thinking about how my tendencies with watching television have shifted over the last few years. In early high school, I would watch my shows religiously by carefully planning my day around them. My brother and I would get ready to watch by carefully charming my grandfather into giving us control of the remote; he was happy to do it, I now realize. Anyway, we would sit there, eyes glued to the box. My brother would undoubtedly try and kick me off the couch and I’d try furiously to fight back, but to no avail. Feverishly trying to time it so that two shows could be watched during the intermittent commercial breaks, and scolding the person who fails to switch it back in time. It was actually a relaxing, fun time spent together.

Today, I realize, I spend any TV watching I can afford to do on my computer, usually in my room, alone. It isn’t bad, but things have changed. I even recently told my brother to take the TV from my room; I literally never used it and I figured since he used my room to watch anyway, why not just keep it there.

The main point I was trying to make here, is that the internet and technology has a profound effect ons society. No matter what, people will always evolve with technology. The internet, expanding like the universe, is making more exponential change than previous technologies. Most any episode of any TV show can be found online, and that changes the way we watch TV. It has changed us.

By rohpatel

6 comments on “The Power of Streaming

  1. I totally know what you mean! When I was little, the second that I got back from school, I had to turn on PBS so that I wouldn’t miss Arthur, and later Zoom. Now, I binge watch tv series on Netflix when I have spare time or on a rainy day. I’m definitely not glued to a tv screen– more like a computer screen, lol.

    • YES! Arthur was the greatest show out there back in the day. Binge watching has become ridiculously common. My first show was LOST. Finished it all within like 2 weeks.

  2. This reminds me of my friend – he’s gotten so spoiled with his television shows he now refuses to stream it because apparently “the quality is decreased”. I wonder if the same mentality will continue towards streaming in the future

    • I can understand this only because I feel some people might not want to get spoilers from others who have already seen it. As far as picture quality goes, some site offer HD streaming so I don’t think it detracts from shows in that respect.

  3. I used to tell the days based on what variant of CBS crime drama was on that night (mondays for CSI Miami, Fridays for Cold Case, etc etc). How the times have changed. I look forward to the day when broadcast television becomes a thing of the past and we all simply subscribe to Netflix-type services that cater to particular interests.

    • Yea I agree with you. Apple is coming out with a streaming service with Comcast and I wonder how good/popular that will become.

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