The Week in Pictures

As we are looking for inspiration for capturing images at Rutgers for our assignment, I thought it would be a good idea to share this link below. Most of them are candid from around the world.

The Week in Pictures (February 6 – 13)

Although our images may not be as intricate as the ones above, I think we can still capture the beauty and essence of our experiences at Rutgers. Photographs can be interpreted in a multitude of ways depending on the photographer’s choice of scenery, objects, people, and the overall uniqueness. It can also bring out their personality. I am excited to see the final album for this project put together.




3 comments on “The Week in Pictures

  1. Wow, some of those photos were really intense. My favorite one was the snow angels outside the Lincoln Memorial. I can’t wait to start taking pictures for the assignment!

  2. I really like these photos alot because they’re really attention grabbing: to be honest, I was skimming through these posts, and the picture you posted caught my eye before anything else!

  3. Photographs are always an interesting way to convey emotion and information because they always seem to paradoxically say both more and less than equivalent sentences would.

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