Twitter and the hashtag


The “hashtag” had very little use or meaning a few years ago. However twitter has completely changed it. Hashtags have become a way of grouping subjects. You can go on twitter and search #sports, #business #mileycyrus, and thousands of things will come up. It’s almost like googling something but instead you’re getting tweets that people have posted. I don’t know if twitter will be something that lasts a long time on the internet but it’s interesting to see how twitter has reinvented the hashtag and how people use the internet. The article also mentions that twitter is often the first source for breaking news. Many stories, events and scandals are talked about on twitter and are one of the fastest ways for getting information across the web.


4 comments on “Twitter and the hashtag

  1. Twitter is probably my favorite social media site to use. I am definitely someone that looks to websites such as Twitter for breaking news updates. I also hashtag all the time, even when I am randomly texting my friends. Before twitter, I would’ve just wrote out a text how I normally would have, but now, I’ll add a random hashtag to make it more comical.

  2. I love twitter because there’s actual news and things that are relevant and important to me besides the usual facebook rants and depressing statuses. It’s funny that you talk about hashtags, a couple of weeks ago my best friend and I were at her house and her mom was like “hashtag? I thought it was called a number sign” haha.

  3. Twitter is one social network that I enjoy using. My favorite thing about twitter is that I am constantly checking it so I always find out about breaking news through twitter first. Have you seen the Jimmy Fallon parody about hashtags with JT and Jonah Hill? Also, follow me on twitter at @ge0rgie_kay. #TeamFollowBack

  4. I find it kind of amazing how revolutionary Hashtags are as a form of data organization. Before their use, everything was required to be in one and only one category. When data was not stored electronically, having two copies of some particular information was expensive and difficult, while now having thousands of copies is trivial. It has certainly broadened the way we perceive information and has allowed us to see much better how things are interconnected.

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