Ask Me About My Oscar.

With the Academy Awards just days away, many people are speculating, even wagering absurd amounts of money, on the winners of some of the major categories (sorry, but no one really cares that much about Best Costume Design or Best Film Editing, it’s just not that sexy.) What are the major categories I just mentioned you ask? Simple. The big ones everyone notices are Best Picture, Best Actor [& Actress] In A Leading Role, Best Director, and sometimes we like to pretend we care about Best Actor [& Actress] in a Supporting Role. 2013 was a great year for movies, and there have been some titles I have been crazy about, and some titles I skipped altogether, but I can honestly say that the movies I paid to go see in theaters have not disappointed. Movies such as The Wolf of Wall Street, American Hustle, Her, and Gravity just to name a few, have gripped my attention and all have added a new spice to Hollywood, further progressing the overall American film standards.

What am I trying to get at here? That’s a good question, you ask many good questions. Rolling Stone magazine, a magazine I personally subscribe to, has a film critic, Peter Travers, with whom I may agree with sometimes, with whom I may disagree with sometimes, but always I respect what he has to say. What has Mr. Travers done that it is worth me mentioning right now? Great question, I am impressed with your intrigue. Mr. Travers has broken down the list of Academy Award Nominations worth mentioning (see earlier spiel about nominations people care about,) and explains which wins would be considered upsets, which wins are probably going to happen, and overall favorites to win. If that is not enough for your afflicted attentions, he also compiles a list of movies that were flat out snubbed from the Oscars, despite being more than worthy of a nomination, if not of the golden statue itself. Hey Alex, where do I read this list that Mr. Travers has compiled for me? Don’t worry, I am already on top of it, I’ll give you the link so you can read it for yourself.


One comment on “Ask Me About My Oscar.

  1. I’m excited to watch the Oscars this Sunday. Maybe Leo will get that Oscar (doubtful.) I think this year has had some really great hits. I recommend Dallas Buyer’s Club to anyone who hasn’t seen it, along with The Wolf of Wall Street.

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